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Installing the Scooter Trike Kit on a VOG

If you are installing a trike conversion kit to other than a Linhai-Yamaha 260/300 click here for instructions.

On this page we will install the kit to a scooter using the Linhai-Yamaha 260 engine. This will be pretty much a straight forward installation. For the most part you will only need to modify the fender brackets or the exhaust if the muffler interferes with the fender brackets. You will also need to weld the spline plate to the spline sleeve.

Before you start installing the kit, read the entire instructions below at least one.

Our first step is to align and center the scooter and rear axle. We are using a motorcycle lift for our workspace. In photo 1 the front tire and rear tire have been centered and the rear axle has been centered. The the rear tire has been removed and the center stand is being used to support the scooter and engine. This is extremely important, as you MUST get the rear axle assembly to a true right angle (90 degrees) of the bikes center line. If it is not a true right angle you will have shimmy in the steering; we call this wattle. We will disguss wattle later on.

Photo 1


In photo 2 you will notice that we had to cut back the brake standoff pin on the output shaft housing to make clearance for our sprocket. You will not know this till you try and line up the sprockets

.Photo 2

First we will install the swing arm to the top engine pivot bolt. We need to support the engine while we remove the pivot bolt and shocks. You will need to replace your shocks and pivot bolt with the ones in the kit. Once the swing arm has been installed, you can now bolt on the rear axle. Now you need to setup the sprocket alignment. The kit comes with a sprocket sleeve(19 splines)c, spline plate and sprocket. Both sprocket must be in the same plane, we use a framing square to insure that both sprockets are not only lined up but also in the same plane.

Photo 3

In Photo 4 you will notice that the outpout shaft sprocket and spline plate have a number stamped into them. In this photo they are marked in red and are the number "1". Your VOG kit sprocket will be marked "2". When installing the spline plate and sprocket, the number must be facing in the same direction as shown. You must mate the holes so that the stamped numbers are next to each other. These holes are predrilled 1/2 degree off 90 degrees so the two pieces can only mate one way. This will in sure that the sprocket is centered to the spline plate. When you order the kit for the VOG engine the center hole on the spline plate will be premachined for you.

Photo 4


On the VOG, there are 3 different output shaft housing. One of them requires just the standard gear setup as shown in photo 4. The second type requires the standard gear setup with low profile bolts. And the third type uses an enlarged hole so the gear can clear the output shaft housing as show in photo 5 below.


In Photo 5 you will notice that we enlarged the center sprocket hole so that in fits around the outer edge of the output shaft housing. We also used low profile bolts. This allowed us to keep the center line of the rear axle on center. The output shaft sprocket and the rear axle assembly sprockets must be in line; so this cannot be done for you in advance, you will need to weld the spline plate to the spline sleeve.