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Trike Scooters, the things some people always dream about. We make their dreams come true. Here at Trike City we build their dreams. We convert two wheel scooters into 3 wheel trikes. We can convert almost any 125cc to 400cc scooter into a trike.

Most scooter trike conversions cost about $2000. Or you can order our scooter trike kit and do it yourself for as little as $1199

Some conversions require:
Custom machining of sprocket, and Exhaust modification.

Want one built, call us to schedule a build date, $100 deposit required to hold the date.

Honda Forza


Jonway 250 Ranger

Kymco GTI300 People

These are some of the scooter trike conversions we have done

We not only convert scooters to trikes, we also sell a trike scooter conversion kit that allows you to build your own 3 wheel trike. With a few modifcations this trike kit can convert almost any scooter to a real trike.

This scooter trike kit fits the 260 VOG engines with little or no modifcations.

This kit costs $1199 plus $99 shipping to most of the lower 48 states.

The kit also includes sprocket, chain and hardware, rear caliper and brake hose.


150 GY6 sports scooter

Our scooter trike conversion kit can be used to modify almost any scooter, from a 125cc to a 400cc.

Would you like to try and build one, we can help. Here is our instruction page on modifying the kit. And remember you can call and ask questions as you build. Order one now